How to compare datapoint value

Currently, I try to manage to upload value of data point to device cloud and I’m wondering is there any way to compare the value ? What I mean is that is I do not want to upload duplicate value to the device cloud. If the value that I want to upload is difference from the value on the device cloud, the old value will be replaced and if the 2 values are the same, the old value will be kept. Is there a way to do that ?
Thank you for your help

Generally that would be handled within the application before it ever sends it to the device cloud.

Well, the thing is that I need to modify that application, which I don’t know the algorithm for that.

What Digi product are you using to connect to the device cloud? Perhaps you can modify it in the code running on that device.

Currently, I’m using Digi TransPort WR31 Router. Yeah the key is that I have no clue how to modify that code :frowning: