How can I read DataPoints from stream using python-devicecloud?

The bullet list under Supported Features for python-devicecloud on GitHub promises the following functionality: “Read data points from a stream (includes control over order of returned data set as well as allowing for retrieving data roll-ups, etc.)”, yet I cannot seem to find a way to read multiple data points from my stream.

I can read retrieve the current value for a sensor using the stream.get_current_value() call, but I would like to get the last 50, say, values and put them into a list.

The Streams API documentation promises a DataPoint class, but I don’t see this in my current python-devicecloud download from GitHub.

Does anyone know how to do this?

Hi. I am also looking to read DataPoints from data stream using Devicecloud. But i could not succeed. Have you got the answer?.

I am doing my Master thesis and right now got struck in this. It will be great if you share any ideas to go forward?