What is the format for an http request for a complete dataset from the device cloud?

I’m a plant physiologist (and Digi newbie) learning how to use the device cloud to manage and monitor agricultural sensors.

I want to download datasets from the device cloud for a number of ConnectPort X4 gateways.

I believe I found the general format for a data request here: http://www.digi.com/wiki/developer/index.php/IDigi_Data_Streams#DataPoint

Which is: http://my.idigi.com/ws/DataPoint/[].

But I can figure out the proper form for the final “stream-path” that identifies each gateway dataset.

This is my best guess, but it doesn’t work: http://my.idigi.com/ws/DataPoint/dia/channel/00000000-00000000-gateEUI6-4address.

What would be the correct format to request a full data history for this gateway?


Data stream paths are listen in Device Cloud. See the data services tab and data streams. There you can see the full paths for each data set.

For example:


If you want to retrieve more than 1000 data points, you need to use pageCursor parameter.

To request all data streams available in your device cloud account:


To request all data streams available for specific device: