How to retrieve all data from curl request

Programming Language: PHP

I am trying to retrieve all data from Digi Cloud, but it returns only one data set(Current Data set).

Used URL:
Stream Id: dia/channel///

What are the parameters I should have to use to get all data.(all past data).

Can someone please help me, thank you…

In my case, I went into Device Cloud account and selected Documentation > API Explorer > Examples > v1/streams > List streams.

This gave me a list of all data streams and the syntax to use to see the history for a stream. For example:


You cannot get all datapoints from a data stream in a single API call unless there are less than 1000 points in the stream.

The maximum points you can retrieve per call is 1000. To collect all data points you would need to call the same API call multiple times but add the appropriate unique cursor from the previous result to retrieve the next 1000. You would loop this until until the result size is 0.