get all datast reams using one API call

Can anybody suggest a way to download all data streams belong to one device using a single web service call please? Thanks in advance

you can get the most recent entry from them all with and HTTP GET to ws/DataStream

But you can’t get all the datapoints from all the streams with one call. You’ll need to generate many calls.


Thanks Mike,

I have been using 60 calls to get 60 data streams from a single device. It takes around 5 min to get all of them and even longer depending on the network status.

I hope Digi will consider providing API to get all streams at once in the future.



Although you won’t be able to get datapoints from many datastreams in a single call, you can set it up so the datapoints go into a single stream.

In the UI (or web services) you can update the streams and set a steam to forward to. If you have all of the streams forward to something like myCombinedStream, then whenever data is sent to one of those streams, it will also be copied into this stream. After configuring the 60 streams to forward to this stream, you can now simply query against myCombinedStream and get all of the datapoints in one call.

This answer seems to be the solution to my question. It makes a lot of sense and I will definitely give it a try.

many thanks and wish you well