How to compile my program into the RCM4300

I am using Dynamic C with a Rabbit RCM4300 board. I like to compile my program into the RCM4300. So I can run it without the programming cable connected to it.
Every time I try doing that it come up with the message
“NO Project C files specified. Please use the project explorer to select files to compile”. But I Have selected the file in the OPTION menu under the ADVANCE button.
Please note that I do not have any memory card installed in the RCM4300 board.
I have used RCM3000 boards before and I was able to compile my program into the board.
Do I need to install a memory card into the RCM4300?

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Looks like you finally figured this out with your followup question. But if you haven’t (or someone else found this question in a web search), you probably want to use “Compile to Target” instead of “Compile Project to Target”.

Support for Projects of multiple C files was an add on feature that never really took hold. Almost all projects have a single .C file that loads additional code through libraries and the “#use” directive.