How to connect XBee S2C as UART

Hello guys,

i know the question is simple to answer but i need a confirm from a senpai.
Is that correct if am connecting the pins below listed.
Sensor RX–>DOUT XBEE Router
Sensor TX–>DIN XBEE Router
both wires connected with a pull-up-resistance.

The XBee Coordinator is wired with an arduino uno.
DOUT XBee coordinator–>RX Arduino uno
DIN Xbee coordinator–>TX Arduino uno

SPI config:

XBee Router MOSI–> SDO Sensor
XBee Router MISO–> SDI Sensor
Xbee Router /SSEL–> CS Sensor
Xbee Router SCK–>SCK Sensor

XBee coordinator MISO–> MISO arduino uno
XBee coordinator MOSI–> MOSI arduino uno
XBee coordinator /SSEL–> SS arduino uno
XBee coordinator SCK–> SCK arduino uno

Both XBees are configured with X-CTU (Same PAN ID, boradcasting and API mode)

I am wrong with this schematic or is there any issues here?

Thx a lot for your helping. I am a beginner related to Xbees and arduino uno…

Why are you using both SPI and UART at the same time? You can only use one or the other on the XBee module.

If you are going to use the SPI port, then the device connected to the SPI must be able to issue Digi’s API frames and understand them otherwise it will not work.

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Hello Sir thank you for you anwer.
I forgott to write that i am using only one of them, in this case SPI. I just want to show my thoughts.
Thats mean, my SPI Pinout is correct and should be work with the right configuration on X-CTU?

Thx a lot for your help sir!

Yes, assuming you are sending valid API frames.