how to control(on/off) LED connected to remote xbee through coordinator xbee using AT commands


Hi experts,
I need to control an LED on Pin 18 (D2) in the remote Xbee (End device) from a coordinator Xbee communicating to it.

I was able to make LED ON(glow) on the coordinator device using the AT command(ATD2 5), but i didn’t get any reference on ON/OFF an LED connected to remote Xbee by using commands sent from coordinator Xbee

Any help on this would be appreciated.

You can use our API Packet Generator utility to generate a packet to send an AT command to a remote module on the network. You will need to change to API mode.

See the utility and tutorial on this page under Diagnostics, Utilities, and MIBs.

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Thank you very much for your Reply. Now I am able to control the xbee

Have you checked this tutorial?