Control remote Xbee AT from local Micropython script

I am proficient in C, but newish to Python. I’ve been reading documentation and searching everywhere for how to do something that ought to be very basic.

I have five Xbee3 modules. I have bi-colour LED’s on four of them and a two position switch on the fifth. I want the switch to control the LED colour on all four remote units.

I have configured the modules and in API mode I can toggle the LED colour of the four remote units using AT commands from the fifth unit.

I can configure and read the local pins (from the switch), so I just need some micropython code in a loop to look for a change in state of the local pins, and send the corresponding AT commands to the remote units.

Could someone please shed some light on how to send a remote AT command from micropython code?

Many thanks in advance !

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I too would like to find an answer to this.