MicroPython Set AT Parameters on Remote Device

Hello All,

As the title states I want to know if I can set the AT values of a remote device using micropython? I have yet to find an example of this.

My goal it to turn on up to 32 devices and a coordinator. The coordinator will find the devices and set their name and panids so that when they are powered on they will always join the same network. Can this be done?

The closest one I can think of would be the blinking LED example in PyCharm.

The blinking LED is for a local device. I need to set the AT values on remote devices.

That is the only example I am aware of. You might need to look through the documentation for MicroPython and the XBee to see what options exists.

I figured out a solution, just send the data and have the receiver parse it and set the values. A regular transmit.

There is a very easy way to do this if the end device is also running a micropython script. Set the coordinators payload to whatever you want to change you AT commands to. have the end device read and parse the payload and set its own values.