How to set remote XBee parameters from a local XBee using set_parameter?Help needed!!

I would like to set different parameters on my remote Xbee device using the set_parameter API in python. I am following the examples in the python sdk and in it in the example, the local Xbee parameters are set.
Now what I try is as follows:

device=XBeeDevice(PORT,BAUDRATE) #Local XBee

But this does’nt seem to work. So how should I be setting the remote XBee parameters? In the python documentation provided by Xbee it says that the set and get parameter can be used with local and remote Xbee devices.
Anyone who could point me in the right direction? The devices are S1 Xbee. Pls respond!!
Thanks in advance!

Three years later and a newer version of radio, but this page was the first search result for “set_parameter”, so it deserves an answer.

Using python 3.9, digi-xbee library v1.4.3, and an Xbee3

value = bytes.fromhex(“FFFF”)
remote_device.set_parameter(“DL”, value, apply=True)

I set pin parameters like this:

value = b’\x05’ # set to Digital Out, High
remote_device.set_parameter(“D5”, value, apply=True)