python values to microcontroller

Ok, thank you for your answer.

My idea is to “query” the RSSI values with the python script and then connect with a microcontroller to control some external LEDs depending on the RSSI values.

Do you know how can I connect the Digi device to the microcontroller for this purpose? Thanks.

the hardware specifications are given in the xbee product guide:

the module takes 3.3v. make sure you don’t put 5v on the other lines. follow grounding instructions.

you can query the RSSI of the last received packet with the ‘DB’ AT command. You can use the set_ddo_param() method to pass the remote ‘DB’ command.

sounds like a neat idea.

vicesbur, I collect rssi info from my sensor boards using a python library (python-xbee on google code). You can see the result here. Sadly, not all of them are working, but on some you can see a month of data: