RSSI values with Python in Connect WAN family


I would like to retrieve the RSSI values from my devices using Python, how can I do this?

The idea is to retrieve the RSSI values and send them to an external microcontroller which will light up different LEDs in a dashboard.

Thank you for your help.

It’s a bit clunky but you can use the digicli module and the ‘set xbee’ command.

set xbee addr=0000 DB

result: DB: “&” 38 0x26

Thanks for your answer.

My idea is to send the RSSI values to a microcontroller to control some external LEDs depending on the RSSI values. How can I connect the Digi device to a microcontroller for this purpose?


Digi WAN should have an RS-232 port. Why not use that? You could have a python app that gets the RSSI (set xbee addr=etc.) and then opens and sends that information out the serial port.