how to control the huge network of the xbee in api mode?????

Hello sir,
I am using xbee S2 …in my final year project…i want to connect many xbee in api mode with 1 co-ordinate and many routers and end devices, but i don’t know anything about api mode and its transmission and receiving of frame process???

give me all step of

  1. how to configuration of co-ordinate, routers and end devices in api mode?
  2. how to Tx & Rx of frame at co-ordinate, routers and end devices side in api mode?
  3. how to control any particular end devices using co-ordinator in api mode?

so from where i have to start ??? give me full description of that how to control the many routers and end devicesusing single co-ordinate xbee???please pleas give me ans…i m waiting for it…

I know of 2 libraries:

xbee-api - java based

python-xbee - obviously, python based

And obviously you can look at the info on the digi site.

That would get you started on your research.

I’ve been trying, with limited success, to learn how to do the same with series 1 radios.

Good luck,

I would recommend you install the “next gen” version of X-CTU. When you’re operating in API mode, it’s much easier to work with than the legacy version.

Connect the coordinator to your PC and if it is in API mode, you can discover the network, and remotely read and write settings to another radio. You can also build a network map to help visualize your network.

What’s cool is if you go into the terminal tab, and open a connection… when you do a discovery, remote AT command, network map, etc… it will gather the API data so that you can see how the software is interacting with the radios.