How to convert RCM 6700 into 6710 ? just mountingan ethernet connector RJ45?

i have RCM 6700 with me along with the kit. I want to develop a hardware using this RCM 6700 modul. I want to have Ethernet port (for PC connectivity) on my hardware. Kindly guide me how to use RCM6700. As RCM 6700 is not having RJ45… can i convert it to RCM6710 just by mounting RJ45 connector?
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There are likely additional components to connect, and you need to ensure you’re using the correct RJ45 jack/magnetics.

You can reference the schematic to see what components are used between the Rabbit 6000 and the Ethernet jack:

It’s probably best to purchase an RCM6710 than attempt modification of an RCM6700 to include the jack. Doing so could damage the RCM6700, and will certainly void the warranty on the product.

I’m not sure how the RCM6710 behaves in the development board and whether either Ethernet jack will work for connectivity. My guess is as long as you only use one at a time it will be OK.

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Thanks sir, Nice to hear from you.
I want to implement CAN 2.0 protocol in my RCM6700 module, Where i can find APIs for this? Please help.