How to disable IPV6 for DigiConnect ME 9210

I am using Digi ESP for NET+OS (7.5.2) on the Digi Connect ME 9210 platform.
I created a NET+OS Project which includes the TCP/Serial Transfer service.
I’d like to undefine IPV6_ENABLED for my project but can’t figure out how/where.
I have tried removing the various IP6 variables in appconf.h but IPV6_ENABLED is defined by the time I get to low level functions in bsproot.c.
I assumed that it would be defined in the project settings but this wasn’t obvious to me.
Any help is appreciated.

If you do not want IPV6 you can disable it:
To disable IPv6 please use this:
naIamDisable(“eth0:3”, NA_IAM_METHOD_IPV6_AUTOCFG);


Unfortunately, there is no way to disable IPv6 before the stack is started. There is a function that could be called after IAM has already started. Once the stack is started it will get IPv6 address, but then you call the function above and the IPv6 portion of the stack will shut down.

Thank you LeonidM, this was very helpful!