Implementing IPv6

I’m in the early stages of learning about how to use IPv6 in NET+OS, but so far I have seen little documentation on how to use it. If IPv6 is enabled, does it work more or less transparently with the web server, SNMP, SMTP, telnet, etc. APIs? I’ve seen a few settings in these APIs, but not many.

Presently I have a fairly good-sized application based on v6.0, and I’m just about start upgrading the platform to v7.3. With the migration I need to add IPv6 support among other things.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


IPv6 has been ported to the majority of the services with the addition of the new struct sockaddr_storage structure that allows you to specify a IPv6 address or an IPv4 address. There’s also no real configuration with IPv6 as NET+OS only supports auto configuration of an IPv6 address.