How to disable "Problems Tab"

In DigiPython I will be halfway through a line of code and it will pop up and interrupt me milliseconds after I start typing and tell me that I’m missing an “:” at the end of my line…THANKS PROBLEMS TAB I HAD NO IDEA!!!

This would be okay if I could just resize the window, but unfortunately every time I type, the Problems Tab steals focus and I have to click back into my code.

Hopefully someone could help me find the setting to turn this off.



Are you talking about Digi ESP for Python?
If Yes, which version of ESP are you using?

Yeah, Digi ESP for Python

Version: 2.2.0
Build ID: 20131118

I haven’t used it since posting my original question.
I tried typing a few lines today, and although the error pops up at the bottom, and still highlights my line for an error before I finish typing it, it does not steal the focus anymore, which was by far the most annoying part.

Interesting that I don’t see that behaviour before, because before posting my question I checked so many times to make sure I wasn’t being an idiot.

By the way, the problem has seemingly fixed itself even on the code where I was originally seeing the problem,