Hi,I use GHS 3.61 and Net+works 5.1 and Net+50 I have a big problem, My software run for 1 or 2 weeks and stop itself !!! How known where the software is stopping ??? If you have a good idea to catch this problem thanks !! joey

If you let it run off the debugger until it crashes, it should stop in a special crash routine. There is a variable called exit or something similar ( cant remember its exact name, but the code is very simple ). Modify that variable directly and allow it to exit. If you are lucky it will return to the line which caused the crash. Another solution is to use a hardware breakpoint. Netsilicon have a document decriping how to accomplish this. I suggest calling support for this document since it can be hard to find on their website. Hope this helps

Thanks,The function that you talk is crash debug ?? The problem is that the soft stop only when the program run without JTAG My first idea is to memorise the counter pointer when the system stop but How to do this ??? Thanks