how to enable 4 adc's of s2c end device

I have new xbee s2c(s2cth).I am using One coordinator and 2 end devices in a mesh network.I want to enable 4 internal adc’s of end device(sensors are connected to 4 adc’s).but only AD0,AD1 are enabled while AD2,AD3 are not.Here AD2,AD3 have alternate function of spi.Does anyone how to enable it?

The commands D0 - D3 all support ADC function so you can use them as ADC. You just can’t use them for both ADC and SPI.

Thank you for reply.I have used all D0-D3 for ADC but only 2 adc’s are enabled.Can tell me the detail configuration at end device and coordinator side please as early as possible.Thank you.

Please note that is area is user helping user. Have you looked over ? It may not be specific for this module but it should give you an idea of how to do it.