How to enable CellientMPL200 module in WR21-002B-DE1-SH

I’m trying to integrate / install CellientMPL200 module to Digi WR21 Transport.

The exact Digi product part number is WR21-002B-DE1-SH.
It was said that this unit can support (unofficially) this module. I installed physically the module, but can’t find the ‘mobile’ interface from Web GUI.

It seems that I need to enable the module from CLI. Please provide guidelines how to do this.

You need to run the command to load the drivers for that module “modemcc 0 module xxxxx” but I am unsure of the name used for this module.

Easiest way to do this and upgrade to the latest firmware is to flashwrite the device.

Go here:

You simply download the latest firmware and connect serial and ethernet as per the instructions. When it asks you to select a module then you select “31 Cellient LTE”.

Once the device is up and running you can run the command “modemcc 0 module ?” to find out the driver name to load.

Worked ok for one device. Then with another device when loading ‘.all’ firmware file with Flashwriter, there came an error: Unit did not reboot successfully after file TX.
The device (WR21) didn’t anymore reply (serial connection or IP). The W-Wan LED kept blinking and power LED was on.

After power cycling, it seems that the firmware was successfully installed and Cellient module is active.

Try flashing the device again. Even though the file transmits ok and comes online it may be missing important commands that are run after the device is rebooted.

Flashed the device again and it’s now working ok. Thank you for your help on this subject.