How to enable error logging

I’m trying to retrieve error log info using the errlogGetHeaderInfo() function, but the compiler errors out with the messages:

line 635 : ERROR ERRORS.LIB : Invalid struct reference.
line 630 : ERROR ERRORS.LIB : errLogInfo is out of scope/ not declared.

Does anyone know how to get this working? Any help is appreciated.

Last night I figured out that the ENABLE_ERROR_LOGGING macro in .\lib\bioslib\errlogconfig.lib must be #defined to 1. But this seems contrary to good coding practice, since this library is part of the Dynamic C distribution. If I reinstall or upgrade, or move to another workstation, I have to remember to modify errlogconfig.lib or my program breaks. Is there a way to declare errlogconfig.lib as local, or as part of my code package, and ignore the copy in .\lib\bioslib? Thanks in advance.