error include 'ERRNO.H'/'XMEM.H' cannot be found?......

line 12 : ERROR MUTIL.LIB : ‘ERRNO.H’ cannot be found.
line 709 : ERROR STDBIOS.C : ‘XMEM.H’ cannot be found.
line 1987 : ERROR STDBIOS.C : Unexpected token in label : “_GEN_LIN2SEG >>> ( <<< b)”, expected one of { ‘:’ }
line 2092 : ERROR Rabbitbios.c : Unmatched ‘#asm’.

BL4S1XX board is used

for any example you have

C: \ DCRABBIT_10.72D \ Samples \ BL4S1xx

Before these examples ran well with DCRABBIT 10.70 …

Now nothing compiles well

Verify your installation, I would uninstall all DC versions and re-install

Perfecto !


I have another problem with version 10.72D

When compiling the project you cannot find the .Lib files
(with version 10.70 and perfect).

The program uses this line:
#use xxx_MEM_2013.Lib

give this error;
line 348: TEST ERROR2_2013.C: ‘xxx_MEM_2013.Lib’ cannot be found.

** .Lib files were hosted on
C: \ DCRABBIT_10.72D \ Lib \ Rabbit4000

“Project Options” included Path
C: \ DCRABBIT_10.72D \ include
C: \ DCRABBIT_10.72D \ Lib \ Rabbit4000
C: \ DCRABBIT_10.72D \ Samples \ BL4S1xx \ Ale25_02_2013 (this is where the xx.C file is)

I reiterate with DCRabbit10.70 everything works
In 10.72D you cannot find the .Lib

Should they be staying somewhere else?



** .Lib files were hosted on
C: \ DCRABBIT_10.72D \ Lib \ Rabbit4000 …xxx_MEM_2013.Lib
where are the .lib files

in version 10.70 it’s going well.
But in version 10.72D it gives ERROR, as if it were not as I already explained

sounds like the library xxx_MEM_2013.lib needs to be moved into this directory. C: \ DCRABBIT_10.72D \ Lib \ Rabbit4000\ DC standard libraries have a name of mem.lib

Your “Include Path” in the Project Options should just be one line:

Libraries are configured in the file LIB.DIR of the compiler’s installation. You probably modified this file in your 10.70 installation, and didn’t make similar changes to your 10.72D installation.