migrating from dynamic c 7.21 to 9.62. cannot find stdbios.c.

migrating from dynamic c 7.21 to 9.62.

Getting error: cannot find stdbios.c.

stdbios.c is located at …\LIB\BIOSLIB.

Not sure if I should move the file or change the code or do something else??

The RabbitBios.lib file is much smaller in rev 9.62. Where did all of that content go?

Are you getting this error when running standard samples in Dynamic C?

Yes, I do get this error with standard samples. The error occurs when the bios is reset (control - Y).

Hello, If you installed Dynamic C 9.62 successfully in your development PC, the STDBIOS.C file should be under below path,

If the file is not there, I suspect that, Dynamic C did not install properly. If this is the case , uninstall Dynamic C 9.62 from the “programs and features” then install once again.