Upgraded from Dynamic C 9.21 to 9.62 with associated BIOS upgrade: binary file won't run on RCM3200.

BIOS memory setting: Code and BIOS in flash, run in RAM.
Only change from standard BIOS is that XMEM_RESERVE_SIZE changed to 0x10000L. Looks like new binary file is a little smaller than the old binary file.

Had to change the same define (XMEM_RESERVE_SIZE) in a library (memconfig.lib) instead of the BIOS .c file. But I stored the updated file in my own directory and updated my user-defined library paths to point to that directory. But I found that it still went and used the Dynamic C library path first instead. Once I got it to use my updated library file, it worked!

Please explain “binary file wont run” Did you create a new bin file?