Problems whit LIB.DIR

Dear all,

I’m working on a new project at the moment. It’s the first time I use Dynamic C and a Rabbit processor.
The Rabbit module im using: RCM5400W
Dynamic C version: 10.44

I’m having some troubles setting up my LIB.DIR and get it working.

The situation is as following:
I made a new folder on “C:\xx\xx\Wifi_app” ,in this folder my LIB.DIR is posterd.
In the folder Wifi_app is a folder named Lib, all my library’s are lockeded in this folder.
My “main.c” is lockeded in Wifi_app.
in the “project options>compiler>advanced compiler options” tab is have set source file, bios file and lib directory file to the locations mensunned above.

I’m getting the following errors:

line 20 : ERROR Rabbitbios.c : ‘BOARDTYPES.LIB’ cannot be found.
line 21 : ERROR Rabbitbios.c : ‘SYSCONFIG.LIB’ cannot be found.
line 22 : ERROR Rabbitbios.c : ‘SYSIODEFS.LIB’ cannot be found.
line 25 : ERROR Rabbitbios.c : Constant expression expected.
line 25 : ERROR Rabbitbios.c : R4000 is out of scope/ not declared.
line 25 : ERROR Rabbitbios.c : Must define at least one #rcodorg origin directive.
line 25 : WARNING Rabbitbios.c : Reference to ‘CPU_ID_MASK’ has no corresponding prototype.
line 30 : ERROR Rabbitbios.c : This version of Dynamic C is supported only on RCM4xxx Core Modules.

A sample of my LIB.DIR:


The file’s mensunned in the errorlist are also decleared in the LIB.DIR file. Is there anyone who can help me plz?

Problem solved

Can you please explain how your problem was soled? Did you add absolute path?