How to enable MAC Acknowledgement Request in Coordinator Realignment?

I am working on integration project where Digi XBee ZigBee S2C module is used as coordinator. Network consists only of 2 nodes, 3rd party end device and coordinator itself. I observe issue with re-joining after coordinator is been switched off for some time. After it is been powered up again it sends Coordinator Realignment in response to Orphan Notification from end node. However, re-joining itself is not happening. 3rd party device ZigBee interface requires that bit for Acknowledgement Request is been set in Coordinator Realignment. However, XBee module doesn’t have this bit set by default. I didn’t found info how to manage MAC layer setting in Digi documentation.

Below I provide example of Coordinator Realignment:

Frame Information: (33 bytes)
	Packet Number: 76
	Protocol: ZigBee
	Timestamp: 21:10:11.040385
	Time Delta: 0.002304
	Channel: 26
	Length: 33
	Link Quality: -23 dBm
	Source: File
	Layer: MAC
	Status: Normal
MAC Header: (23 bytes)
	Frame Control: 0xCC03
		···· ···· ···· ·011 = Frame Type: [0x3] MAC Command
		···· ···· ···· 0··· = Security Enabled: [0x0] No
		···· ···· ···0 ···· = Frame Pending: [0x0] No
		···· ···· ··0· ···· = Acknowledgement Request: [0x0] No
		···· ···· ·0·· ···· = Intra-PAN: [0x0] No
		···· ··00 0··· ···· = Reserved: 0x0
		···· 11·· ···· ···· = Destination Addr Mode: [0x3] 64-bit Extended Address
		··00 ···· ···· ···· = Reserved: 0x0
		11·· ···· ···· ···· = Source Addr Mode: [0x3] 64-bit Extended Address
	Sequence Number: 144
	Destination PAN ID: 0xFFFF
	Destination Address: 00:11:22:33:44:55:66:77
	Source PAN ID: 0x21F6
	Source Address: 00:13:A2:00:40:E6:F3:64
MAC Payload: 0xBD3F1A000021F608
	Command Frame ID: [0x08] Coordinator Realignment
	Command Payload: 0xBD3F1A000021F6
		Re-PAN ID: 0x21F6
		Re-Coordinator Short Address: 0x0000
		Re-Logical Channel: 0x1A
		Re-Short Address: 0xBD3F
MAC Footer: 0xFFFF
	Frame Check Sequence: 0xFFFF

who’s third party devices are you working with?

Which Zigbee protocol and profile are you working with?

Which Xbee module do you have and what firmware version is installed?

What settings are you changing on the XBee module to allow this device to work?

I cannot name 3rd party because of NDA.

ZigBee Stack Profile is ZigBee-PRO. Profile ID is manufacturer specific.

ZS = 2
AP = 1
AO = 3

Module is Digi XBee ZigBee S2C (XB24CZ7PIS-004-revH). Firmware version is 0x4059.

Please, don’t focus on integration itself. Basically my question is quite narrow and straightforward: is it possible to manage MAC settings (Frame Control bits) of XBee module, in particular Acknowledgement Request bit (in Coordinator Realignment frame).

As far as I am aware it is not possible.