How to escape from a raw TCP socket connection (from serial side)

Isn’t it possible to escape from a raw TCP socket connection? (From the serial side.)

As I understand from the doc, one can establish a raw socket connection via the following:

set profile profile=tcp_sockets
set autoconnect trigger=always service=raw …
set ethernet …
set network …
set serial …
set tcpserial …

There will be a socket (pipe), and the serial line simply continues it. “data is passed transparently between the socket and the serial port”.

OK, fine, but what if I want to configure the DigiConnectME through the serial line?
“The command line is available via […telnet…or] serial port using terminal emulation software such as Hyperterminal. Access via serial port is dependent upon the serial port profile setting. By default, serial port command-line access is allowed.”
So a switch would be needed from “data mode” to some “command mode”…

I found some
connect serial_port
command, about which the doc mentions an escape mechanism:
“Default Escape Keys: … Ctrl+[+Enter”
But I think it is something different. (I guess it applies to the other side, i.e. from the network.)

there are options to drop the serial connection based on certain serial lines.