How to include the Battery Level in a sample frame?


I would like to know how can I send the battery level of the device in a sample frame (this would be the power source connected to 3.3v of the XBee). I read in the product manual that there is a bit in the Analog Channel Mask that would indicate if this value should be sent or not. More specifically, for frames of type 0x92 (Data Sample Rx Indicator) they say:

“If the sample set includes any analog input lines (Analog
Channel Mask > 0), each enabled analog input returns a
2-byte value indicating the A/D measurement of that
input. Analog samples are ordered sequentially from
AD0/DIO0 to AD3/DIO3, to the supply voltage.”

An example of the frames I am receiving is this:

7E 00 1A 92 00 13 A2 00 40 AD 36 37 FF FE C1 01 00 10 0F 00 10 03 FC 03 FF 03 FF 03 FF 6B

As you see, I have 1 digital input activated as well as 3 analog inputs. The readings of this last 3 pins are 03FF, 03FF and 03FF. However I cannot see the battery level anywhere in this data. I assume 6B is the checksum.

I am also able to read the battery level of the XBee, if it is connected to the computer using an XBee Explorer and using X-CTU. The parameter “%V Supply Voltage” would give me that.

It would be great if I could include the battery level in the same frame of the samples. Do you know if there is a way to include it?. The model of my device is XBee PRO S3B and the function set is XBee PRO 900HP 200K.


I think you read the wrong manual for the nodule you have.|Frame%2520descriptions|_____13 shows that you need to query the %V command for that data.