how to sense power and send it to cordinator?

how sense power from volatge and current send it to cordinator?

You would need to connect an Analog voltage line to the VCC at the proper voltage levels. Then enable that line and sample it on each transmission.

So i have to connect analog pin to vcc or simply enable to adc(2) and give adc input. Pls specify i didn’t get your explanation.

In order to sample an Analog voltage, there are a few things you must do.

First, you must connect the desired voltage to the ADC pin at the proper voltage level. That is, you can’t connect a 3V ADC line to a ADC pin that only accepts 1.2V Max. You would have to put a buffer circuit with a level shifter in first.

Next, you would need to enable the ADC line on the processor. In this case ADC2 would need to be set to ADC.