xbee read analog AC signal

hi friends, I am trying to read the AC voltage signals from XBEE. I fed in the AC voltage to end device(xbee) adc1 and trying it to read from the coordinator. i can read the values but all of them are positive values.

My question is: How can I differentiated between positive and negative values. As xbee ADC is unsigned 10 bit. How can i accomplish my task.

My circuit output voltage is 50-60V. But xbee VCC is 3.3 volts how can i fed in the voltage signals to ADC of XBEE. Do i need to used resistors, to bring down the voltage.

Can anyone help me please, this is the part of academic project in wireless communication.

The ADC value will always be 0-1023, representing 0-3.3vdc (or the voltage you feed into the VREF pin of the Xbee).

You will never see negative, and you, you do need to use circuitry to step-down and condition your signal to the 0-3.3v range. Explaing what you need is beyond a simple forum post.

I would suggest you look at various ‘micro-controller’ projects online, as all micro-controllers work like this.