How to induce Route Record Indicators?

I am struggling to figure out how to get a network of XBee pro s2c nodes to send RRIs. I have read Digi’s documentation and various online forums, and it was never clear what the coordinator would need to do to enable RRI on the rest of the network.

This is what the xbee documentation says for RRI rx:
“The route record indicator is received whenever a device sends a ZigBee route record command. This is used with many-to-one routing to create source routes for devices in a network.”

Nowhere does it say how a device can send a ZigBee route record command.

I have see RRIs in the network, but I don’t know how they are triggered. Also, would router nodes send RRIs also, or are RRIs limited to just actual end nodes?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!