I want to create the route in zigbee devices

Hi all,
I’m a researcher of the University of Cádiz and I’m interesed in create my own route in XBee Zigbee devices and I need to know if there is possible with this technology. I mean, I want to communicate a few routers with the coordinator and a few end devices with each router.
I’ve tried to do it but I couldn’t. Could someone help me?

Thanks and best regards!

ZigBee has two routing modes.

For normal routing each node only knows the next hop for a given destination (so if you have a transmission path A -> B -> C -> D -> E then A knows the next hop to E is through B but nothing about C/D).

ZigBee also provides for something called Source Routing where A specifies in the actual transmission the exact route. This uses extra overhead that cuts into data payload and can have other side effects.

Both modes are supported by the XBee though Source Routing isn’t enabled by default due to those side effects.

Search your XBee manual for Source Routing and API Frame ID 0x21 Create Source Route. Hopefully that will meet your needs.