How to interface xbee s2c from pc with xbee s2c placed in atmega2560 microcontroller robot(firebird)

I have done pc to pc communication using xctu software.It worked well. But now I want to communicate from pc to robot. I want to send data from pc and it should display on atmega2560 microcontroller robot. I have connected one xbee s2c on my pc using usb cable and the other xbee s2c to atmega2560 microcontroller robot. Iam not using arduino.Instead of arduino I’m using atmel studio6 to run microcontroller programs. I don’t know how to interface them. Please help and also provide a code for d same( in embedded c programming language)


I am not sure that this is an issue for Digi. The XBee is really nothing more than a transparent serial cable between the PC and your micro controller. So this is really a question for the processor manufacture.