How to make Programmable Xbee to behave like non programmable

I bought some XB24CZ7PISB modules and got 1 question.
Is there any simple way to make Zigbee to handle button clicks and send me the packet , but behave like a normal, not programmable module in API mode. I mean fully transparent API mode for all packets when i can see all the RAW packets in serial port.
Or the only way is to take example “Transparent serial” and build upon existing things manually. [:(]



Although explanation is difficult, the data containing DIN is sent to ember through SCI2 of programmable xbee, and, as for the data into which it went from ember conversely, programmable xbee sends all to DOUT.

If it carries out like this, communications protocols are restrictive, but it can act like ordinary XBee.

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chobichan, thanks for your answer! Could you tell more detail about this restrictions. Is it possible to relate these flows directly and redirect all data from DOUT and DIN (ember) to DOUT and DIN (Freescale)?

Hello freddd,
As chobichan said, the Freescale chip communicates with Ember through SCI2; if you don’t want to work with the xbee stack included, you should remove the xbee_tick() call at bottom of main loop; so it won’t handle the UART.

On the other hand, there are not functions to handle that UART, so you may have to create them (based on UART component in drivers/serial/uart.c).

On last tought, bootloader has a “bypass” mode which connects both UARTs and then the module would behave like a non-programmable (the application is not running). You may reboot the module in bypass mode from your application with “sys_reset(APP_CAUSE_BYPASS_MODE)” or following the steps in Help Contents->XBee Extensions guide->tips and tricks.

I mentioned the bypass mode because the code is available at bootloader example and may be useful.

Thanks, but I still read over the whole forum and did not understand. Why not just get in the serial port of what passes xbee without the use of bypass mode. Then just add additional functions to handle clicks.

Hi freddd,

The freescale chip has 2 uarts, one (SCI2) is used by the XBee Stack to communicate with the ember chip and the other one (SCI1) is let available for the user (serial console).

There are functions implemented for SCI1, but not for SCI2 as user is supposed to use the xbee functions and sys_xbee_tick() to handle the communications.

I wonder why you want to do it manually and not with the functions provided.

However, if you really want to communicate directly with the ember chip, you will have to see how the stack does (folder pan in sources).

I think the serial functions are something like xbee_ser_* (in CodeWarrior press ctrl+spacebar to see autocomplete). But it might not work properly if you don’t remove the calls to all sys_xbee_ticks() and other functions that use SCI2. Also, bear in mind that the uart interrupt handler for the radio is radio_uart_isr() (find it at sources/pan/hal/xbee_serial_freescale.c)

Hope it’s useful, good luck and have fun.