About programmable zigbee


I wish to get RSSI value from one Xstick. And this communication done between xstick and a programmbale xbee. That programmabke xbee doesn’t receive the response from the xstick. What will i do for get response? Is there any need for change on config.xml file?

Thank u,
Kavitha Ravichandran,

The one element that I find most Programmable users do not get at first is that this is not a normal radio. The programmable is like any normal micro it is very “stupid” until you have added code to let it be otherwise. A regular XBee radio acts like a wire of a sort. That is I can send data from one radio to the other and see what was sent. If I did that to a programmable the data would end up in that great bit bucket in the sky. If you put the Programmable into Bypass mode ( the bootloader is the only installed program, and then you have to use the menu to select that mode) then the radio will operate as a standard radio and the pair will operate as most people have grown to anticipate Digi Radios to operate. Otherwise you will have to write a program that sends a remote AT command to get the DB from the Xstick and then have your program read the returned packet and extract the value all under program control.