how to make xbee as repeater as well as end device simultaneously

My plan is to sending the data out from the end device to the coordinator through router/repeater xbee. Can I set two or more routers between End device and coordinator? So, if one router is disconnected from the network, the other router will automatically take care of the data transmitting. Should I change the direction so the data transfer from the coordinator and broadcast to the end device? Will that be easier?
Thank you for your time.

It depends on what kind of data you want to send. As well as if this is a range issue. An end device can directly connect to a coordinator. It only needs a router if it can’t see the coordinator, due to either permit join being 0 or the distance is too far. Direction won’t matter as the connection is bi directional. One isn’t “easier” than the other its justs that the coordinator has more admin privileges on the network than the ED does.