How to manage ZDP/ZDO Command with CW

Hi !

I’m currently trying to make an application with CodeWarrior and the Xbee ZB Development Kit. This application requires “bindings” as done in the Zigbee Home Automation Profile.
Do you have any solution ? Do I need to use the ZDO Endpoint ?

Actually, right now, if I send manually an API Frame containing a ZDP Command (let’s say 0x0000 Nwk Addr Request for example) with XCTU, I get a proper reponse, but I can’t find which part of the code is handling the request and answering.
Moreover, I didn’t include the ZDO Endpoint… So the question is WHO is doing that ? Any idea ?

Thanks !

It is the radio, the application running on the HCS08 is not taking part on that transaction.