ZDO Active End Point requests are not passed out to UART in XB24-ZB or XB24-SE ROUTER when AO is set to 3


I configured my XBee2 modules using X-CTU, one as router api and other as coordinator api by setting AO to 3. But when i send ZDO Active End Point requests, it is not passed out to UART in the router side. But for our application we want the requests to be passed to UART so that controller can handle the requests. I tried both XB24-ZB and XB24-SE but the XBee itself providing response for ZDO requests.

When i used profile ID 0x0109 the ZDO requests are passed to UART for both XB24-ZB and XB24-SE. But according to the data sheet profile ID must be set to 0 to send ZDO commands. But when i do that request is not passed out to UART.

Please help me.



I was wondering if you are using any specific library for application development.

How exactly are you sending ZDO ? Are you using any specific package ??

Any response would be highly appreciated.!