How to Migrate from 900HP USB and Java to X2 Gateway

We have developed an application using DIGI Java Library and the XBEE 900HP USB Modem (XM-M92-UP-UA).

However now the client would like to expand the network with network gateways.

From my research we can use the X2 900HP gateway.

How can we interface the networked gateway with the Java library?

Ideally we are trying to minimize code re-writes by reusing the same java library we are familiar with.

Any tools or tips would be helpful.

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I think there is some confusion. The Connect Port X2 does not support Java. Nor does the Java Library support the X2.

The application environment for the X2 is Python.

You would need to write some sort of protocol in Python in which you are sending data over the Ethernet network between the X2 and what ever server or PC your Java app is running on.

No confusion. We are aware that the primary communication is python on the X2. This approach is not ideal with our application which was written to interact via USB modems, and would require major a re-write.

We have found the RealPort technology that will emulate a COM PORT locally and should serve our needs.

Just make sure you understand that the data via the Real port and XBee direct option on the X2 will communicate with the radio in API mode.

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