How to obtain SINR from Xbee3?

I’m using an Xbee3 module. And I discovered that it’s possible to obtain the RSSI value using xbee.atcmd command on micropython. I have yet to try it out but my end goal is to obtain the SINR value. Is there a built in function that can give me the value? Or do I have to somehow manually calculate it myself? If so, are there any suggestions on how I can go about this?

I don’t think you can get SINR without measuring the noise level. If this is about LTE signal strength, you could use RSRP and RSRQ using ATSW and ATSQ commands.

I see, thanks for the suggestion. I am actually using the Zigbee protocol however and I strictly need the SINR readings. Is it then possible to measure the noise levels using the xbee module?