How to obtain the result of an A\D conversion in a XBee module ?

Hello I am trying to obtain the data from the A\D conversor in a XBee module. I have connected two analog inputs to
AD1/DIO1 and AD2/DIO2. I have configured them as analog inputs with the following AT commands : ATD1=2 and ATD2=2. How can I obtain the output of the A/D converter ? How can I read the conversion of the digital value ?


Set IR=some non zero value, the module will send the ADC readings to the destination at particular interval depending on the IR value.

The IR setting (if you have DH/DL set correctly) will forward the data to a remote node.

If you want to query the data on demand (for example from an attached MCU processor), then send the ATIS, which is called the ‘Force Sample’ command. Look into the manual in the “I/O Line Monitoring” section for hoe to decode the result.