Reading ADC sample values of Base Xbee


I am using Xbee Module (XB24-AWI-001).
I am trying to read ADC samples at (say) 500Hz frequency.

With setting as given below :

I was able to read the ADC sample values of a remote Xbee module.

How can do the same thing for base ? I mean how can I read ADC samples value (at one particular sample rate) of the Xbee module which is connected to PC (Base Xbee)


That’s an extremely good question! I think the answer is that you can’t do regular sampling from the local XBee, at least not in the same way as the knowledge base article describes.

What you can do is to use the PC to send repeated IS commands at the required sampling rate; each IS command will cause one set of samples to be returned via the UART. I’m not sure how high a speed you’d be able to achieve; you’d certainly want to use a fairly high baud rate to get anywhere near 500Hz.

Thanks John for confirming that I cannot do regular sampling from local Xbee.

I had thought of using ATIS to do this. But it sounds very in-efficient even at the max baud rate of 115200 :frowning:

This confusion was more become of the documentation related to IU command. In that it seems like you can enable/disable display of I/O lines data on UART , while the fact is that IU is to enable/disable display of I/O lines data(received over RF from a remote Xbee) on UART