How to print the whole udp or tcp packets? (What ever is received, not only data)

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I am using Net+OS 7.5 for 9p 9210 module.
I want to print all udp or TCP packet that has been received by board including Source port, Destination Port, sequence number, data offset, flags, IP address, data and so on.
I use recv function but it only can store data!



In the API reference guide look into ethernet bypass It is located in the API reference guide at:

Hardware/Board Support
Device Drivers
Ethernet Driver
Ethernet Bypass

I believe this will give yo what you are looking for

Thanks for your answer.
Is there any example code that I can see how to just print header packet?



I am not sure about in ESP. I know that in the NET+OS installation tree in src\examples, there is a sample application entitled nabypassapp. That is as close to example code as is available at this time.

Thanks, but I believe you’re referring to one of the other Digi products, not the (Formerly) Rabbit single board computers. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I find no mention of “Ethernet bypass” in Dynamic C.

My original question is specific to sockets programming using UDP.