How to re-map backspace and arrow keys

Hardware: PortServer TS 16 Rack
Software: 82000684_W1


  1. When telnet/SSH into the PortServer, I cannot use the backspace key but rather have to use ^h. How can this be remapped to utilize the backspace key?

  2. Using the up arrow key prints an “A” to the screen rather than being passed to the connected Cisco device. Wondering how to get the PortServer to pass the up arrow command straight to the attached device rather than printing the “A” character.

I cannot tell you exactly which combinations would work. But from the CLI of the PS TS you could look at:
set keys
set user … The user command has some control sequences for breaking out of connections.
set user name=root ?

If the above gets you nowhere, you can open a case with Digi Support. You can do this by sending an email with details to
The problem description in detail, product, serial number, and firmware revision would all be helpful to include.

Digi Technical Support Engineer

Long shot but did you ever figure out an answer to #2? The cursorkeys enable option doesn’t seem to work like it should.