How to read 2 analog input from xbee in python at a same time?

Hi, I am using 4 XBee series 2 for my project 1 is coordinator & rest 3 are routers. Now I have a problem with reading 2 analog input at the same time in python. I have been using temperature & gas sensors at the same time & both connected to pin ADC01 & ADC02. if the sensor is connected independently than it works fine & I got what I am looking for but connecting 2 sensors gives me a problem. here is my python code. if anyone knows the solution then I will be so thankful.

import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as pyplot
import matplotlib.animation as animation
import time
import serial

ser = serial.Serial()
ser.port = ‘COM5’
ser.baudrate = 9600

sensorA = ‘0013A2004180A78A’
sensorB = ‘0013A2004180A7CF’
sensorC = ‘0013A2004180A7C8’

voltageA = []
voltageB = []
voltageC = []
time = []

def infiniteLoop():
i = 0;
while True:
yield i
i += 1

for x in infiniteLoop():
for y in range(3):
#read data of 30 bytes & convert to Hex
x =“hex”)
hexvolt = x[54:-2] #trim 28bytes & make it to 2 bytes of recieving volt.
refvolt = 1.2 #Corresponding maximum voltage xbee can transmit.
refhex = ‘03FF’ #Corresponding maximum voltage in hex, xbee can transmit.

    #converting hex to decimal
    rfhexDecVal = (long(refhex,16))
    voltDec = (long(hexvolt,16))

    #setting equation for calculating recieved voltage
    rxVoltage = (refvolt * voltDec)/rfhexDecVal

    macAddress = x[8:-36]
    print(sensorA.lower() == macAddress)
    print(sensorB.lower() == macAddress)
    print(sensorC.lower() == macAddress)

    #if Macaddress is matched than put the voltages in list & print it
    #under that address.
    if sensorA.lower() == macAddress:{
    elif sensorB.lower() == macAddress.lower():{
    elif sensorC.lower() == macAddress:{

    for vA in voltageA:
        print("SensorA Rx Voltage:")
    for vB in voltageB:
        print("SensorB Rx Voltage:")
    for vC in voltageC:
        print("SensorC Rx Voltage:")

This is a result i got when i test sensor seperatly
7e001a91 0013a2004180a7cf ddb0e8e80092c10501010800040800 0271 44

0013a2004180a7cf corresponding Mac address
0271 receiving voltage in hex.