analog inputs


I’ve just a question:
Can I use more then one analog input at the same time?
How can I see them on the receiver xbee?

To the first question: yes, certainly. You can use them all at the same time.

The second question is rather broad. The Digi product manual is the main reference, and it will show several ways of reading the values. You could also check out the references in the pinned posts at the top of this forum; the cookbook has information on analog inputs, for instance. Just remember that the Digi manual is the authority.

If you check out those sources and then have more specific questions, feel free to come back and ask.

thank you, i think it works…

But is it possible to use a sensor which gives max 5V analog output with the xbee adc?
They are 3.3V i thought, and you can’t put 5V to the Vref :s

Yes, you can use that sensor. You’d just need a resistive divider to drop the voltage from 5V to Vref.

is there another way to do that?
cause if i use a divider, i think the 50mv/°C is something other

What 50mv/C? You haven’t mentioned that before.

Could you perhaps explain the problem a bit more clearly?

if i use a temperature sensor, i have a datasheet from that sensor, and they say that the sensor gives an output starting from 2V @ 25°C, and then if it’s 26°C the output is 2,05V, if it’s 24°C, the output is 1,95V

Then by a quick calculation if Vref is 3.3V the sensor should work fine up to 41C. Above that, you’d need to divide down its output.