xbee transmit analog signal??

I want to transmit analog signal from one xbee to another xbee…if it is not possible then what can i do for transmitting signal…if xbee automatically converted analog signal into digital…then it is best option for me…

The xbee modules generally perform an Analog to Digital conversion. Do you need to have an Analog output as well as an Input?


I have done this successfully before.
Works pretty well range about 75 m line of site.

But I think you have to keep the input voltage below 3V (Reference)

Transmit Xbee, was set up as follows DL11, MY10
DIO-0 = analoge input
Sample rate = 14Hex which is 20ms

The receiving Xbee, was setup DL10, MY11
PWM-0 output
i/o line passing set to 10 same as sending Xbee.

I used this to sent dB levels to a moving car while passing an microphone.

Next I am going to add a second microphone so i can measure both sides at the same time.

Hope this helps.

Both channels will be analog output.
I would like o get my range to double or even more.
If some one has any tips on that, i would appreciate it.
Also if any of you see mistakes please feel free to correct. :slight_smile:

Kind Regards,


This was probably done on the S1 802.15.4 hardware and code. That code and hardware only offers two PWM outputs which can be converted to ADC with the proper circuit. As long as you do not exceed the two, then that could possibly work. Just make sure that one is using ADC0 and the other is using ADC1.

Oh and yes, it is not going to support more than VCC (3.4V) for your VREF.