Is it possible to transmit two analog inputs and output them with PWM0 and PWM1 on the recieving XBee?

I have two XBee S1 802.15.4 and want to transmit two different Analog readings (and maybe one digital signal). On the reciever I want to output these analog signals with the PWM outputs (There are two on my XBee, RSSI/PWM0 and PWM1). Is this possible?

Yes, take a look at

For ways of doing it.

Thank you mvut,

But, “In order to enable PWM output then set ATP0 and/or ATP1 equal to 2 (this will only convert for A/D-0 and A/D-1 respectively).”.

I tried to output two separate ADC channels but as I understand the XBee is only able to output either A/D-0 or A/D-1 on both PWM0 and PWM1.

On the other hand, I’ve managed to send all readings with UART.