Aquire Analog XBeeS1-Transmitt - Read Value via XBeeS1 on UNO

I just bought 3 nos XBee S1 modules.

Read all the tutorials on this site / YouTube etc.

Established a basic chat between two XBees.

I am looking for a link to a tutorial where in I can read Two analog values in a standalone XBee and read them via another XBee into a UNO.

Have you looked over the ADC section of the manual or

Yes … that’s exactly the kind of info I needed. Now I know where to look for similar questions!!
I want to transmit a flow meter reading and so this query. But then I also can directly send the pulses from flowmeter ? Afterall the max pulse rate is just above 100Hz… I think that is better than sending Analog voltage ? Let me look up the digital input capabilities…